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Please review some testimonials from our residents.

Don & Rose Combs

Patio Home Residents  

"We have been at Brookside for more than ten years and have found it to be everything we anticipated.  It has the small community atmosphere with the feeling of security that comes with close neighbors and social interaction, yet allows us to be as private as we want.  The friendly, capable staff attends to our needs with interest and timelines.  We thank God for the opportunity to live here."


Joseph & Flora Perry

Patio Home Residents  

"My wife, Flora, and I moved into Brookside in November, 2007.  It was the happiest move we ever made.  We were getting more advanced in age and not really into things such as mowing, weed-whacking, weeding, shoveling the driveway and walkways and even the annual shoveling of our roof event.  Those are just a few of the many things done for us here.

Life at Brookside gives us a tremendous peace of mind.  If something were to break down, our maintenance staff quickly fixes the problem.  When you are not into being a handyman, it is wonderful to have skilled people around to take care of those problems.  But, that is not the main reason we enjoy our lives at Brookside. Brookside is a beautiful, comfortable, quiet and secure environment.  The food in the dining hall is excellent and there are numerous activities which you can choose to participate in or not.  The staff is most accommodating, most compassionate and our fellow residents are warm, caring and wonderful people.  It is a real family.  We are glad we moved to Brookside, it is a wonderful place to be."


Howard Rich

Congregate Resident  

"I enjoy and appreciate the sense of security in knowing that assistance is readily available if needed.  The wide menu choices and excellent meals add so much to living here, as do laundry and cleaning services. The sociability or privacy of your own apartment are also big assets. At this stage of my life, I feel that this is an ideal living arrangement."


Mae Schneeberger

Congregate Resident  

"I just celebrated my third anniversary in residence at Brookside.  I could not dream of a better place to live as the years come and go.  Staff members do their best to keep us healthy, active, safe and happy.  Transportation is provided to doctor appointments, local stores and special activities.  My children are pleased that I have been adopted by this wonderful family.  They know that I will get the best of care.  Don’t hesitate to check out this beautiful facility."


Sarah Tiffany

Duplex Resident  

I am happy that I was able to move into a duplex home at Brookside.  My house had become far too large for me.  My roomy kitchen and living room have made the change easier for me.  All of the employees are friendly and helpful, and the neighbors are great.  I feel secure and safe, and my family is happy that I am here - what more could I ask for?


Dorrance and Anne Martin

Congregate Residents  

As we begin our ninth year here at Brookside, we are coming to realize more how grateful we are to have our home here.  It’s good to be a part of a family where we feel secure, have things we need, and have people around us who care about us.  Being here frees us from household chores, gives us choices of how we spend our time, allowing us time to enjoy traveling and volunteering.


Ellen and Arlene Yousey

Duplex Residents  

Fourteen years of living at Brookside has given us release of many previous responsibilities.  Snow removal, lawn care and building maintenance are no longer on our work list.  However, vegetable gardening, a part of our past since childhood, is still an option.  A plot of soil, fully prepared is assigned to us and the joy of planting, tending and harvesting can still be ours.  At this stage in life we are thankful to Brookside for providing a home, friendship, activities and a high level of security in a Christian atmosphere comparable to our needs.


Joe and Shirley Widrick

Duplex Residents  

We have been living at Brookside for several years now and still can hardly believe how much we enjoy our lives here.  Even though we don’t have to mow our lawn or plow our driveway anymore, we still continue to lead very busy, productive lives.  The staff is absolutely wonderful which makes us feel cared for and just plain grateful to be in this special community.  It is a feeling that is very difficult to describe but one that we thank God for every day.  We both say that this is the best decision we could have made and we are glad that we came when we did.  It is a wonderful place to live.