Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your facility located?

Brookside is located in Lowville, NY, a small rural community approximately 55 miles north of Utica on Rt. 12 and approximately 27 miles southeast of Watertown. The population of Lowville is approximately 4,000 residents. Downtown is less than a mile from Brookside and the views in almost every direction are open fields. Brookside is situated just on the outskirts of town along Maple Avenue/Waters Road.

What is required to become a resident of Brookside?

To become a resident of Brookside you must complete an Application for Residency and submit payment of $1,000, a reservation fee that secures a priority position on our waiting list.

Is the reservation fee refundable?

Reservation fees are only refundable if an applicant is unable to move to Brookside due to a change in health status (i.e., needs to move to assisted living or skilled nursing). Furthermore, once an applicant declines to move to Brookside when offered a living unit matching his/her preference, the reservation fee becomes nonrefundable.

How long is the waiting list?

The length of the waiting list has varied significantly over the years. It varies according to the style of living unit. Please talk with the Manager to learn how long the waiting list is currently. Please keep in mind, we have no way to predict longevity!

What can I expect for increases in the monthly fee?

There is likely to be an annual increase in the monthly fee. The amount of increase will vary according to changes in the cost of providing services and maintaining the building and grounds. Annual increases may range between 1% and 5%. The average annual increase since Brookside opened in 1993 has been 2.5%.

Does Brookside offer any health care?

No, Brookside is an independent living community. As such, Brookside is not licensed to provide personal care or health care services to residents. Lewis County General Hospital holds a free Wellness Clinic weekly at Brookside that is open to all Brookside residents.

What kinds of social activities are offered?

Brookside offers a variety of social, recreational and spiritual activities. Please ask to see our weekly newsletter. Activities are always shown in the newsletter.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are permitted only in patio homes with prior approval by the Housing and Services Manager. A pet must be less than 20 pounds and a pet deposit is required.

May I have a car?

Residents are welcome to have a car. Parking spaces are available around the congregate building for apartment residents. A limited number of garage spaces are available for an additional fee.

Is transportation available?

Yes, transportation is one of the many benefits offered at Brookside.

Does Brookside accept any type of housing subsidy?

No. All residents are considered private pay.

Are the Apartments and Patio Homes rented or purchased?

All living units at Brookside are considered rentals. There are two rental options offered for apartments: Rent or Entrance Fee with monthly Service Fee. “Rent” is a payment that covers the cost of one’s housing and services and is paid monthly. When one pays the one-time Equity Fee for his/her apartment, he/she has actually “pre-paid” his/her housing cost so that the monthly fee only needs to cover the cost of services, etc. Ask the Manager for a list of services, amenities, utilities, etc. covered by the monthly Rental Fee and Service Fee. The only form of payment for a Patio Home is the Equity Fee plan which also includes a monthly Service Fee. Just prior to move-in one pays a one-time Equity Fee for the home. Throughout occupancy a service fee is assessed monthly. For more information about how the Equity Fee plan works and how much is refunded upon move-out, talk with the Manager. Equity Fees vary by floor plan, individual features of a home and the year in which it was constructed. Effective August 1, 2011 the minimum refund a resident will receive upon move-out is 50%. NOTE: Many communities call their Equity Fee an Entrance Fee.

What age do I have to be?

You have to be 62 years or older to qualify.

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